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Save Time And Increase Productivity With An
HR Software Suite That Scales To Meet Your Needs

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

Our Software Suite Is A Secure And Tightly Integrated Platform
That Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of Your HR Management Needs

Feature-Rich And User-Friendly

3D Drill Down Reports
CEO Dashboard
SMS Alerts
And Much More

600 clients
Industry Verticals Served
Employees Managed By Our Software
Years of HR Experience

All Your HR Processes On One Platform

Our software simplifies all your HR management needs from payroll and taxes to performance appraisals and time tracking

Human Resource Management Software with Drill Down Charts

3D Drill Down Charts

Create interactive charts to highlight relationships between modules

Human Resource Management Software with Consolidated CEO Dashboard

CEO Dashboard

Get a visually appealing and easy to understand overview of your HR activities

Human Resource Management Software with SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts

Get automatic mobile notifications of any changes or reminders

HR Automation

Our complete HR software solution automates the operational needs of management from files to skills to letters.

Employee Self-Service Portal

An Employee and Manager Self Service portal which integrates with our HR management applications providing scope to efficient employee services

Custom Workflows

Create a workflow that seamlessly integrates with your current HR management processes and department organization.

Payroll Management and Expense Claims

An easy to use and learn payroll software that is highly automated and comprehensive across needs. You can also manage reimbursements with ease.

Statutory Compliance and Income Tax

Automates employee Income Tax planning, savings & integration with tax portals.

Skill Management

myHRsuite’s skills inventory software solution gives you an intuitive interface which lets you find employees with the right blend of skills.

Real-Time Attendance Integration

A complete and flexible leave management system enabling you to enter and manage leave requests according to your rules; Automates attendance generation from recorders, timesheets and more.

Performance Appraisals

Automates Multi-rater, weighted appraisals and brings about transparency.

Help Desk

It allows employees to communicate with the HR team there by making it easier for them to offer suggestions, raise queries or grievances.

Read Our Client Case Studies

See how businesses use our comprehensive HR software suite across a variety of industries

Case Study: Aparna Enterprises

Case Study: Aparna Enterprises

Case Study: Harsha Toyota

Case Study: Harsha Toyota

Case Study: SVM Entertainment

Case Study: SVM Entertainment

Case Study: Rainbow Hospital

Case Study: Rainbow Hospital

HR Management Solutions For Everyone

Our HR software solutions increase efficiency and productivity at all levels of your organization

  • Invaluable aid in Decision making
  • Statistical data available at your fingertips
  • Locate employees with the skill set & experience necessary for a new project with ease
  • Ensure that employee satisfaction is high
  • Drill down charts
  • Consolidated reports


  • Execution of accurate and timely payroll
  • Access to Complete Tax & Statutory Reports
  • Ensures that employees are proactive and make an Income Tax plan early
  • Increase efficiency of HR personnel, deliver better services & reduce cost
  • Statistical, variance, trending & other MIS reports aid with audits
  • Drill down charts
  • Consolidated reports


  • Integrate and streamline HR management activities
  • Increase employee productivity and company transparency
  • Make a HR proactive environment and ensure timely execution of HR policies to ensure high employee morale
  • Drill down charts
  • Consolidated reports

  • Complete HR automation
  • A multitude of reports available at a click
  • Single point data entry, No Slips and No Double Entry
  • Helps ensure data accuracy & accountability
  • Reduced paperwork & increase efficiency
  • Interface with Finance – Timely and Efficient


  • All records up to date and available online
  • Convenient Online Transactions / Transparent Processes
  • Always contact the right personnel for any query that needs to be answered
  • SMS alerts